September 26, 2016

Womply Open-sourcing Authorize.Net Payment Plugin for KillBill

We are proud to announce that we are open-sourcing Womply’s Authorize.Net Payment Plugin for KillBill, a Java implementation of a KillBill Payment Plugin that uses Authorize.Net as a payment gateway. It is available at:

The plugin supports:

  • Adding and removing payment methods
  • Gateway Integration type payment flows
  • Purchase transactions
  • Refund transactions

It uses Authorize.Net’s CIM mechanism for storing customer payment profile information (no sensitive credit card data is stored in Killbill) to minimize PCI footprint. We use a separate service outside of the plugin to create payment profiles in Authorize.Net which are then associated with payment methods in KillBill via Authorize.Net’s Payment Profile ID.

We hope this plugin will help developers to integrate with Authorize.Net in KillBill. We had difficulty getting a ruby framework generated plugin to work out of the box, and as a team of java developers, decided to implement an specific payment plugin in java. The current implementation is certainly missing some functionality, but it is sufficient to support our current business needs.  We will continue to improve the plugin and look forward to additional contributions and feedback from the KillBill community.

When building our billing system, we evaluated multiple options, and decided to build our system on top of KillBill.  The pluggable architecture and robust set of supported configurations gave us confidence that KillBill could implement our use cases without us having to reinvent the wheel.

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