Retention Intelligence

Retention Intelligence helps acquirers reduce merchant attrition by identifying portfolio risks and opportunities. You receive valuable feedback on your merchants through Womply’s merchant outreach and support efforts.


Drive additional revenue

Identify merchants who want to buy new products or services from you


Improve merchant satisfaction

Quickly respond to merchant questions, requests for assistance, or issues to reduce merchant churn

Acquirers reduced attrition by an average of 17% when their merchants used Womply

image (1).png

For example, a Top 10 Acquirer (above, left) showed an average attrition rate of 28.8% among merchants without Womply services and 23.5% among those merchants with Womply services. That is an 18.4% reduction in merchant attrition within their portfolio. This study looked at over 400,000 merchants from more than 10 of Womply's partners over the past three years.

Retention Intelligence helps you make quick business decisions.

  • Daily alerts delivered to your mailbox or customer ticketing system

  • Merchants classified as hot leads or assigned a risk score

  • Included merchant contact information allows you to take immediate action