Business Challenge

Whether you sell camera lenses, clothing, or cosmetics, your business survives on making in-store sales. With increased price competition from eCommerce websites, you need the tools, time, and expertise to target your marketing efforts, differentiate yourselves, and manage your online reputation.


Our Approach

Purpose-built for the brick and mortar retail business, our solution helps you 

  • identify and acquire customers that spend more money and visit frequently

  • build a community of advocates on social media and reputation websites

  • time your marketing activities to beat the competition

  • plan for seasonalities in marketing and staffing

  • streamline document management and employee communications

Solutions for your business type


Computer & Electronics

Camera & Equipment

Music, Videos & DVDs


Sporting & Outdoors


Children’s clothing & toys

Games & Toys

Arts & Crafts

Drug stores & Pharmacy

Thrift stores




Furniture & Home decor

Home & Garden

Kitchen & Bath

Products that help you make smarter decisions about marketing, operations, and employee management



360° view of your business - your revenue, online reputation, website health, the market, and the competition. Learn more.

Customer Directory

Automatically turn credit card transactions into customer profiles that evolve as you learn more about your patrons. Learn more.

Customer Engagement

Automatically send emails to your customers to increase return visits and improve online reviews. Learn more.


Customer Pulse

Improve your marketing and customer loyalty by tracking revenues and visits from new and repeat customers. Learn more.



Get set up on listing websites relevant to your business type. Learn more.


Listings Monitor

Ensure information on listing sites is accurate so customers can get in touch with you. Learn more.


Reputation Defense

Respond to all your online reviews from one place and protect your online reputation. Learn more.

Customer Feedback

Receive and respond to anonymous real-time feedback from customers. Learn more.



Securely store and readily access your important business documents and online passwords in one place. Learn more.


Better communications at work - smartphone app to replace texting, phone trees, and message boards. Learn more.